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98784 - Refrigerants Recovery Station EASYREC120

  • Eunasa code: 98784
  • Range: Refrigeration
  • Machine type: Tools
  • Product type: Refrigerant Gas Recovery Unit
  • Product subtype: Refrigerant Gas Recovery Unit
  • Brand: Wigam
  • Standard
  • Quantity/Packaging: 1

Extra data

Model: Easy Rec-1
Type: Recovery
Refrigerant gas: CFC, HCFC, HFC (includes R32 and R1234yf)
Length (L): 545mm
Width (W): 300mm
Height (h): 395mm
Weight: 15.5kg
Voltage: 230V
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Power: 550W
Intensity (50Hz): 4A
Compressor: Dry piston
Automátic safety block: 38.5bar
T° Range: 0-40°C

- Automatic evacuation device
- Automatic stop device
- Safety device high pressure
- Includes 2 valves to prevent leakage

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