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539043 - Hand Blender 240W 230V Mini MP160 V.V.

  • Eunasa code: 539043
  • Range: Auxiliary Equipment
  • Machine type: Hand Blender
  • Product type: Hand Blender
  • Product subtype: Hand Blender
  • Brand: Robot Coupe
  • Original
  • Quantity/Packaging: 1

Extra data

Body Ø (ØB): 78mm
Total height (h): 430mm (with hand blender arm included)
Hand blender arm length (hbL): 160mm
Hand blender bell Ø (ØhbB): 65mm
Hand blender speed: 2000 to 12500 r.p.m.
Power: 220W
Voltage: 230V - 50Hz - 1.1A

Valid for (brand and model)

  • Brand
  • Model
  • Robot Coupe

  • MINI MP 160 V.V.