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124085 - Telescopic Tubular Stairs 12x1 Steps

  • Eunasa code: 124085
  • Range: Tools & Installation Supplies
  • Machine type: Different Machines
  • Product type: Stairs
  • Product subtype: Stairs
  • Brand: Gayner
  • Original
  • Quantity/Packaging: 1

Extra data

Model: TUB-12+1

Length (L): 500mm
Width (W): Ø100mm
Height (h): 3800mm
Height closed (h1): 850mm
Inclined height (h2): 4800mm
Number of steps: 13 (12 adjustable + 1 fixed at the base)
Step width: 60mm
Material: Aluminum
Maximum weight: 150kg
Standard: UNE- EN131

- Top quality anodized matte finish
- Height adjustment between rungs
- Automatic locking during extension
- Automatic unlocking of all rungs at the same time
- Safety push buttons for quick locking
- Ergonomic non-slip rubber pads

Valid for (brand and model)

  • Brand
  • Model
  • Gayner